Original HP 19.5V 2.31A 45W 4.5*3.0mm AC Adapter Charger for HP laptop TPN-LA03 854116-850 PA-1450-63HP


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Product Specifications : 

  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19.5V
  • Output Current: 2.31A (45W)
  • Connector: 4.5mm*3.0mm
  • Color: black
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Compatible Part Numbers :

696694-001, 709985-003, 710412-001, 719309-002, 740015-001, 740015-002, 740015-003, 740015-004, 741427-001, 741553-852, 741727-001, 777669-001, 845611-001, 845836-850, 845837-850, 853490-001, 854054-001, 854054-002, 854054-003, 856948-002, A045R038L, A045R045H, A045R068P, A045R07DH, ADP-45FE B, G6H43AA, H6Y88AA, H6Y88AA-ABA, H6Y88AA-ABB, HSTNN-CA35, HSTNN-CA40, HSTNN-DA40, HSTNN-LA35, HSTNN-LA40, HSTNN-LS35, L25296-001, L25296-002, L25296-003, PA-1450-20HL, PA-1450-32HE, PA-1450-36HE, PA-1450-56HA, PA-1450-63, PA-1450-63HP, PPP009D, TPN-AA05, TPN-CA14, TPN-CA15, TPN-DA16, TPN-FA02, TPN-LA15
11-k164nr, 11-n010dx, 11t-h000, 13-a010dx, 13-p110nr, 14-ac0XX, 14-ac000nd, 14-ac000nf, 14-ac000ur, 14-AC014TX, 14-AC018TX, 14-ac029tx, 14-AC034TX, 14-ac1xx, 14-AC100UR, 14-AC101NF, 14-ac111na, 14-AC134LA, 14-AC137TU, 14-AC141TX, 14-AC151NR, 14-AC154LA, 14-AF110NR, 14-AF180NR, 14-AM007LA, 14-an000nf, 14-AN004AU, 14-bs007ng, 14-BW065nr, 14-ce0014TU, 14-CE0015TU, 14-CE0016TU, 14-CE0020TX, 14-CE0029TX, 14-ce0033TX, 14-CE0035TX, 14-CE1001TU, 14-CE1005TX, 14-CE1006TX, 14-CE1010TX, 14-cf, 14-CF0006DX, 14-CK0001LA, 14-CK0001TU, 14-CK0006TX, 14-CK0007LA, 14-CK0013LA, 14-CM0000NF, 14-CM0004LA, 14-CM0007LA, 14-CM0015LA, 14-d010TX, 14-d014tX, 14-d015TX, 14-d018TX, 14-d031la, 14-d032la, 14-d032TU, 14-d033TU, 14-d034la, 14-d036la, 14-d037TU, 14-d040la, 14-d042la, 14-d043la, 14-d044TU, 14-d046TU, 14-d047TU, 14-d051TU, 14-d053TU, 14-d058TU, 14-r075sr, 14-r100ng, 15-ab121dx, 15-ab173cl, 15-AC000UR, 15-AC003UR, 15-AC011NS, 15-AC021DX, 15-AC021UR, 15-AC023UR, 15-AC052UR, 15-AC100UR, 15-ac120nr, 15-ac121dx, 15-AC151DX, 15-AC156NR, 15-AF131DX, 15-AF174NR, 15-an050nr, 15-ay000, 15-AY007CY, 15-AY008CY, 15-AY008DS, 15-AY008LA, 15-AY009DS, 15-AY010CY, 15-AY010DS, 15-AY012DS, 15-AY012DX, 15-ay012nf, 15-ay012ng, 15-AY013CA, 15-AY013DS, 15-AY013DX, 15-ay013na, 15-ay013ng, 15-AY014DS, 15-AY014DX, 15-AY014LA, 15-AY015DX, 15-AY016CA, 15-AY017DS, 15-AY017NF, 15-AY019CA, 15-AY020NR, 15-ay026ng, 15-AY029CA, 15-ay031ng, 15-ay036ng, 15-ay038ng, 15-AY052NR, 15-ay058nm, 15-AY061NR, 15-AY071NR, 15-AY075NR, 15-AY077NR, 15-ay080ng, 15-AY081NR, 15-AY082NR, 15-AY085NR, 15-AY091MS, 15-ay117ng, 15-ay118ng, 15-AY127CA, 15-AY128CA, 15-ay132ng, 15-AY138CA, 15-BA000NF, 15-BA000NG, 15-BA000NI-, 15-BA000NL, 15-BA000NM, 15-BA000NP, 15-BA000NQ, 15-BA001AU, 15-BA001DS, 15-BA001NE, 15-BA001NIA, 15-BA001NO, 15-BA001NP, 15-BA001NV, 15-BA002NA, 15-BA002NP, 15-BA002NS, 15-BA003DS, 15-BA003NE, 15-BA003NF, 15-ba004nc, 15-BA004NF, 15-BA004NO, 15-BA004NS, 15-BA004UR, 15-BA005NA, 15-ba005nc, 15-BA005NM, 15-BA005NO, 15-BA005NP, 15-BA005NQ, 15-BA005NW, 15-BA006NF, 15-BA006UR, 15-BA007NI, 15-BA007NS, 15-BA008NA, 15-BA008NP, 15-BA009DX, 15-BA009NI, 15-BA009NO, 15-BA009NZ, 15-BA009UR, 15-BA010CA, 15-ba010nr, 15-BA010NS, 15-BA010NV, 15-BA011ND, 15-BA011NF, 15-BA011NS, 15-BA011UR, 15-BA012NA, 15-BA012NL, 15-BA013CL, 15-BA013NF, 15-BA013NS, 15-BA014NL, 15-BA014NT, 15-BA014UR, 15-BA015ND, 15-BA015NF, 15-BA016NF, 15-BA016NO, 15-BA016NS, 15-BA017NA, 15-BA017NF, 15-BA017NL, 15-BA017NO, 15-BA017NS, 15-BA018AU, 15-BA018NO, 15-BA019AU, 15-BA019NA, 15-BA019NL, 15-BA020NF, 15-BA020NS, 15-BA020NV, 15-BA021CA, 15-BA021ND, 15-BA021NO, 15-BA021NS, 15-ba022nc, 15-BA022NF, 15-BA022NS, 15-BA022NV, 15-BA023CA, 15-BA023NA, 15-ba023ng, 15-BA023NL, 15-BA023NV, 15-BA024AU, 15-BA024NA, 15-BA024NF, 15-BA024NL, 15-BA024NO, 15-BA025CA, 15-BA025NS, 15-BA026AU, 15-BA026CA, 15-BA026ND, 15-BA027NA, 15-BA027ND, 15-BA027NR, 15-BA027NS, 15-BA028AU, 15-BA028NF, 15-BA028NS, 15-BA029AU, 15-BA029NA, 15-BA029NS, 15-BA030NA, 15-BA030NO, 15-BA031NA, 15-BA032NO, 15-BA033NA, 15-ba033ng, 15-BA033NO, 15-BA034NO, 15-BA035NL, 15-BA035NO, 15-BA037NO, 15-BA038NO, 15-BA039UR, 15-BA040NB, 15-BA040NF, 15-BA040NG, 15-BA040NO, 15-BA040UR, 15-BA041NB, 15-BA041NF, 15-BA041UR, 15-BA042NA, 15-BA042NF, 15-BA042NG, 15-BA042UR, 15-BA043NB, 15-BA043NF, 15-BA043NS, 15-BA043UR, 15-BA044NA, 15-BA044NF, 15-BA044UR, 15-BA045NB, 15-BA045NS, 15-BA045UR, 15-BA046NA, 15-BA046NF, 15-BA047NA, 15-BA048AU, 15-BA049NA, 15-BA049NF, 15-ba050ng, 15-BA050NM, 15-BA051NB, 15-BA051NM, 15-BA052NB, 15-BA052NF, 15-BA052NG, 15-BA052WM, 15-BA053NF, 15-BA054NA, 15-ba054ng, 15-BA054SA, 15-BA055NA, 15-BA055SA, 15-BA060NF, 15-BA061DX, 15-BA061UR, 15-BA062NF, 15-BA065NA, 15-ba065nc, 15-BA065NF, 15-BA065SA, 15-BA066NF, 15-BA067NF, 15-BA068NC, 15-BA068NF, 15-BA070NC, 15-BA071ND, 15-BA074NO, 15-BA077NA, 15-BA077NO, 15-BA077SA, 15-BA078NA, 15-BA079DX, 15-BA079NA, 15-BA079SA, 15-BA080NA, 15-BA080NG, 15-BA080SA, 15-BA082UR, 15-BA083NA, 15-BA083NL, 15-BA083SA, 15-BA084NG, 15-BA087NIA, 15-BA089NL, 15-BA092NL, 15-BA093NA, 15-BA095NA, 15-BA096NA, 15-BA096UR, 15-BA097NA, 15-BA097NB, 15-ba097nl, 15-BA097UR, 15-BA098NL, 15-BA098UR, 15-BA099NL, 15-BA100NA, 15-BA101NA, 15-BA101NO, 15-BA102NA, 15-BA102UR, 15-BA103NA, 15-BA103NG, 15-BA104NL, 15-BA105NA, 15-BA106NA, 15-BA106NG, 15-BA107NA, 15-BA108NA, 15-BA109UR, 15-BA111UR, 15-BA112NA, 15-BA112UR, 15-BA113NA, 15-BA113UR, 15-BA114NA, 15-BA115NA, 15-BA116NA, 15-BA144NA, 15-BA150SA, 15-BA152NB, 15-ba180ng, 15-BA501UR, 15-BA502UR, 15-BA503UR, 15-BA504UR, 15-BA505NA, 15-BA505UR, 15-BA506NA, 15-BA506UR, 15-BA507NA, 15-BA507UR, 15-BA508NA, 15-BA509NA, 15-BA511NG, 15-BA511UR, 15-ba512ng, 15-BA513NG, 15-BA515NA, 15-ba516ng, 15-ba517ng, 15-BA517UR, 15-ba519ng, 15-ba520ng, 15-BA522UR, 15-BA524UR, 15-BA527UR, 15-BA529UR, 15-BA530UR, 15-BA590UR, 15-BA591UR, 15-BA592UR, 15-BA593UR, 15-BA594UR, 15-BA606UR, 15-BA616UR, 15-bs001ng, 15-BS006UR, 15-BS007UR, 15-BS010DS, 15-bs013dx, 15-BS015DX, 15-bs017ns, 15-bs018ng, 15-BS020WM, 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15-f085wm, 15-f100dx, 15-F125WM, 15-F133WM, 15-f200, 15-F205DX, 15-F209WM, 15-F211WM, 15-F215DX, 15-F233WM, 15-F271WM, 15-F272WM, 15-F387WM, 15-g000ee, 15-G000NA, 15-G000NT, 15-G000SI, 15-G000SL, 15-G000SM, 15-G000SR, 15-G001SR, 15-G001SV, 15-g002se, 15-G002SR, 15-G003SW, 15-g005ne, 15-G005NG, 15-g007dx, 15-G007ER, 15-G007SR, 15-G011CA, 15-G011SR, 15-g014dx, 15-g018dx, 15-G018ST, 15-G019SR, 15-G019WM, 15-g020ee, 15-g020ne, 15-G021DS, 15-g025au, 15-G025ER, 15-g027ne, 15-G027NO, 15-G033NO, 15-g059wm, 15-g060nr, 15-G070SR, 15-g080nr, 15-G092SA, 15-G093SA, 15-g173wm, 15-G200UR, 15-G207NL, 15-G208UR, 15-G210NL, 15-G213UR, 15-G214UR, 15-g220nr, 15-g227wm, 15-g273nr, 15-G500NC, 15-G501NR, 15-k016nr, 15-R001NA, 15-R001NC, 15-R001SL, 15-r003ee, 15-r003se, 15-R007NC, 15-R008NC, 15-R009NC, 15-R010NC, 15-r011dx, 15-R011NA, 15-R012NA, 15-r013ee, 15-r013ne, 15-r013se, 15-r014ne, 15-r015ee, 15-r015ne, 15-r015se, 15-r016ne, 15-r017ne, 15-r029WM, 15-R030NA, 15-R049SR, 15-R050SR, 15-R052SR, 15-R053SR, 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M3-u001dx, Pavilion 11-n000, Pavilion 11-n000snx, PAVILION 11-N008SV, Pavilion 11-n010dx, PAVILION 11-N010EN, PAVILION 11-N010NC, PAVILION 11-N010NF, PAVILION 11-N010NZ, PAVILION 11-N010SN, PAVILION 11-N010TU, PAVILION 11-N011EI, PAVILION 11-N011NF, PAVILION 11-N011NP, PAVILION 11-N012NF, PAVILION 11-N020EO, PAVILION 11-N020NL, Pavilion 11-n050er, Pavilion 11-n070eg x360, PAVILION 11-N083NA, PAVILION 13-AN0007LA, Pavilion 14-ab133TX, Pavilion 14-ab135TX, Pavilion 14-ab141TX, Pavilion 14-ab151la, Pavilion 14-ab154la, Pavilion 14-ab159TX, Pavilion 14-ab166TX, Pavilion 14-ab167TX, Pavilion 14-ab169TX, Pavilion 14-ab170TX, Pavilion 14-ab171TX, Pavilion 14-bf033TX, PAVILION 14-CD0004LA, PAVILION 14-CD0008LA, Pavilion 14-CE0005LA, PAVILION 14-CE1000TX, PAVILION 14-CE1001TU, Pavilion 14-n200SF, Pavilion 14-V000, Pavilion 14-V001TU, Pavilion 14-V003TU, Pavilion 14-V009LA, Pavilion 14-V100, Pavilion 14-V168NR, Pavilion 14-V217tx, PAVILION 14Z-N200, Pavilion 15-ab001na, Pavilion 15-ab005ur, 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2ZB99EA
HP 15-DA0032WM 15-AU030WM 15-G227WM 15-AF112NR