HP Original 20V 4.5A 90W USB-C Type-C EliteBook 1040 G4 904082-003 TPN-DA08 904144-850 L45440-003 2LN85AA Laptop Charger


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Product Specifications :

  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 20V
  • Output Current: 4.5A (90W)
  • Connector: TYPE-C
  • USB-C output supports: 5V 3A, 9V 3A, 10V 5A, 12V 5A, 15V 5A, 20V 4.5A
  • Power Cord : India Plug
  • Color: Black
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  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Fit Part numbers :

904082-003, 904144-850, ADP-90FE B, TPN-CA10, TPN-DA08, 2LN85AA #ABU, 940282-003

Fit Models :

1DL09EA, 1DM84EA, 1EL88UA#ABA, 1EL89UA#ABA, 1GL99EA, 1GM13EA, 1JN76EA, 1LK62EA, 1NA96EA, 1TQ37EA, 1TQ40EA, 1TR10EA, 1TR24EA, 2EN46EA, 2EP10EA, 2LN85AA 2LN85AA#ABA, 2PG87EA, 2PG88EA, 2PG96EA, 2PK41EA, 2PL34EA, 2PN61EA, 2PQ22EA, 2PS54EA, 2TY42UA#ABA, 2VY99EA, 2VZ47EA, 2ZG28EA, 2ZH34EA, 2ZJ21EA, 2ZJ64EA, 904082-003, 904144-850, 923236-001, 938800-850, ADP-90FE B, Dock G4 3FF69AA#ABA, EliteBook Folio 1040 G4, ENVY 12-g000 x2, ENVY 17t Touch, PFC USB Type-C, Spectre 13-ae000 X360, Spectre 13-ae000nc 2PF57EA, Spectre 13-ae000ne 2WA75EA, Spectre 13-ae000nf 2PF58EA, Spectre 13-ae000ni 2PR11EA, Spectre 13-ae000np 2PF61EA, Spectre 13-ae000nq 2PF62EA, Spectre 13-ae000ns 2PF63EA, Spectre 13-ae000nt 2PF64EA, Spectre 13-ae000nu 2PF65EA, Spectre 13-ae000nx 2VY95EA, Spectre 13-ae000nz 3XZ20EA, Spectre 13-ae000tu 3KK48PA, Spectre 13-ae000ur 3QR44EA, Spectre 13-ae001nc 2ZG56EA, Spectre 13-ae001nd 2PM49EA, Spectre 13-ae001ne 2WA76EA, Spectre 13-ae001nf 2PF69EA, Spectre 13-ae001ng 2QG12EA, Spectre 13-ae001nl 2PL58EA, Spectre 13-ae001no 2PK73EA, Spectre 13-ae001ns 2PF72EA, Spectre 13-ae001nt 2PF73EA, Spectre 13-ae001nu 2PF74EA, Spectre 13-ae001nv 2PF75EA, Spectre 13-ae001nw 2WA12EA, Spectre 13-ae001nx 2VY96EA, Spectre 13-ae001tu 2VB14PA, Spectre 13-ae001ur 2PN83EA, Spectre 13-ae002nb 2PK19EA, Spectre 13-ae002nc 2ZG57EA, Spectre 13-ae002ne 2WA77EA, Spectre 13-ae002nf 2PF76EA, Spectre 13-ae002ng 2QG13EA, Spectre 13-ae002nn 2ZG87EA, Spectre 13-ae002no 2PK74EA, Spectre 13-ae002np 2PF77EA, Spectre 13-ae002nq 2QH20EA, Spectre 13-ae002ns 2VZ65EA, Spectre 13-ae002nt 2VZ66EA, Spectre 13-ae002nw 2WA13EA, Spectre 13-ae002nx 2VY97EA, Spectre 13-ae002tu 2UY83PA, Spectre 13-ae002ur 2QG14EA, Spectre 13-ae003na 2QF92EA, Spectre 13-ae003nb 2PK20EA, Spectre 13-ae003ne 3QP93EA, Spectre 13-ae003nf 2PF78EA, Spectre 13-ae003ng 2QG15EA, Spectre 13-ae003nn 2ZG88EA, Spectre 13-ae003no 2PK75EA, Spectre 13-ae003np 2PP04EA, Spectre 13-ae003ns 2ZJ36EA, Spectre 13-ae003nw 3DM93EA, Spectre 13-ae003tu 2VB15PA, Spectre 13-ae003ur 2QG16EA, Spectre 13-ae004na 2QF93EA, Spectre 13-ae004nb 2PK21EA, Spectre 13-ae004nc 2ZG59EA, Spectre 13-ae004ne 3QQ94EA, Spectre 13-ae004nf 2PF79EA, Spectre 13-ae004ng 3QR77EA, Spectre 13-ae004nl 2PL61EA, Spectre 13-ae004nn 2ZG89EA, Spectre 13-ae004no 2PS28EA, Spectre 13-ae004np 2PP05EA, Spectre 13-ae004tu 2UY84PA, Spectre 13-ae004ur 2VZ37EA, Spectre 13-ae005na 2QF94EA, Spectre 13-ae005nb 2ZJ30EA, Spectre 13-ae005nc 2ZG60EA, Spectre 13-ae005nd 2WB44EA, Spectre 13-ae005nf 2PF80EA, Spectre 13-ae005nn 2ZG90EA, Spectre 13-ae005no 2PS29EA, Spectre 13-ae005tu 2UY85PA, Spectre 13-ae006na 2WB60EA, Spectre 13-ae006nb 3DK53EA, Spectre 13-ae006nf 2PF81EA, Spectre 13-ae006nl 2PN26EA, Spectre 13-ae006no 2PS30EA, Spectre 13-ae006tu 2UY86PA, Spectre 13-ae006ur 2VZ39EA, Spectre 13-ae007nb 3DK54EA, Spectre 13-ae007nd 3QQ05EA, Spectre 13-ae007nf 2PJ98EA, Spectre 13-ae007ni 3GC28EA, Spectre 13-ae007nn 3DK55EA, Spectre 13-ae007tu 2VB16PA, Spectre 13-ae007ur 2VZ67EA, Spectre 13-ae008nb 3DK56EA, Spectre 13-ae008nc 2ZG63EA, Spectre 13-ae008nn 3DK57EA, Spectre 13-ae008no 2VZ40EA, Spectre 13-ae008ur 2VZ68EA, Spectre 13-ae009nb 3DK58EA, Spectre 13-ae009nf 2PN03EA, Spectre 13-ae009tu 2VQ38PA, Spectre 13-ae009ur 2VZ69EA, Spectre 13-ae010ca 2SP80UA, Spectre 13-ae010nd 2PM50EA, Spectre 13-ae010nf 2QH13EA, Spectre 13-ae010ni 3GA39EA, Spectre 13-ae010no 3DM87EA, Spectre 13-ae010ur 2VZ70EA, Spectre 13-ae011dx 2LU94UA, Spectre 13-ae011nf 2QH14EA, Spectre 13-ae011nv 3XY80EA, Spectre 13-ae011ur 2VZ71EA, Spectre 13-ae012dx 2LU95UA, Spectre 13-ae012nc 2ZG67EA, Spectre 13-ae012nf 2QH46EA, Spectre 13-ae012ur 2VZ72EA, Spectre 13-ae013dx 2LU96UA, Spectre 13-ae013nf 2QH47EA, Spectre 13-ae013nl 3DL52EA, Spectre 13-ae013ur 2VZ73EA, Spectre 13-ae014dx 2LU97UA, Spectre 13-ae014nf 2VZ99EA, Spectre 13-ae014nl 3QR65EA, Spectre 13-ae014ur 2VZ74EA, Spectre 13-ae015ca 2SP85UA, Spectre 13-ae015dx 2LV01UA, Spectre 13-ae015nd 2PM51EA, Spectre 13-ae015nf 2WA00EA, Spectre 13-ae015ur 2WA53EA, Spectre 13-ae016ur 2WA54EA, Spectre 13-ae017nf 3XX76EA, Spectre 13-ae018nf 3XX77EA, Spectre 13-ae018ur 3DL91EA, Spectre 13-ae019nf 3XZ01EA, Spectre 13-ae019nl 3DM09EA, Spectre 13-ae019ur 3XX83EA, Spectre 13-ae020ca 2SP81UA, Spectre 13-ae020nf 3XZ26EA, Spectre 13-ae020tu 2XP40PA, Spectre 13-ae021tu 2XP42PA, Spectre 13-ae022tu 2XP43PA, Spectre 13-ae023tu 2XP47PA, Spectre 13-ae024tu 2YS36PA, Spectre 13-ae027tu 3FH35PA, Spectre 13-ae030ca 2SP82UA, Spectre 13-ae030ng 2PS31EA, Spectre 13-ae034ng 2PS35EA, Spectre 13-ae034tu 3AP37PA, Spectre 13-ae035ng 2PS36EA, Spectre 13-ae039ng 2ZH58EA, Spectre 13-ae040ca 2SP83UA, Spectre 13-ae040ng 2PS40EA, Spectre 13-ae040tu 2ZX57PA, Spectre 13-ae041ng 2PS88EA, Spectre 13-ae042ng 2PS89EA, Spectre 13-ae043ng 2PS90EA, Spectre 13-ae044ng 2PS91EA, Spectre 13-ae044tu 2ZX68PA, Spectre 13-ae045ng 2PS92EA, Spectre 13-ae045tu 2ZZ64PA, Spectre 13-ae046ng 2PS93EA, Spectre 13-ae046tu 2ZZ65PA, Spectre 13-ae047ng 2QF54EA, Spectre 13-ae048ng 2VZ86EA, Spectre 13-ae048tu 3AP41PA, Spectre 13-ae049ng 3DL92EA, Spectre 13-ae050ca 2SP84UA, Spectre 13-ae050nz 3XZ27EA, Spectre 13-ae050tu 3AP42PA, Spectre 13-ae051nr 2LU99UA, Spectre 13-ae051nz 2WA55EA, Spectre 13-ae051tu 2ZZ78PA, Spectre 13-ae052nr 2LV00UA, Spectre 13-ae053na 2QH34EA, Spectre 13-ae054na 2QH36EA, Spectre 13-ae054tu 3AH51PA, Spectre 13-ae055na 2QH38EA, Spectre 13-ae055tu 3AP43PA, Spectre 13-ae056tu 3AP44PA, Spectre 13-ae059nz 2PF82EA, Spectre 13-ae059tu 3AH54PA, Spectre 13-ae060nz 2PF83EA, Spectre 13-ae060tu 3AF83PA, Spectre 13-ae061nz 2VZ75EA, Spectre 13-ae061tu 3AF84PA, Spectre 13-ae062tu 3AF85PA, Spectre 13-ae063tu 3AR34PA, Spectre 13-ae065nz 3GA40EA, Spectre 13-ae065tu 3AL17PA, Spectre 13-ae067tu 3AR36PA, Spectre 13-ae069nz 2WA78EA, Spectre 13-ae069tu 3AR37PA, Spectre 13-ae070nz 2PF84EA, Spectre 13-ae070tu 3AM01PA, Spectre 13-ae074tu 3BB39PA, Spectre 13-ae075tu 3BD47PA, Spectre 13-ae076tu 3BE23PA, Spectre 13-ae077tu 3BE29PA, Spectre 13-ae078nz 3XY45EA, Spectre 13-ae078tu 3BE32PA, Spectre 13-ae079tu 3BE48PA, Spectre 13-ae080nd 2PM93EA, Spectre 13-ae080ng 3DM53EA, Spectre 13-ae080no 2QH43EA, Spectre 13-ae080nz 2PF85EA, Spectre 13-ae080tu 3BE49PA, Spectre 13-ae082tu 3CP57PA, Spectre 13-ae083tu 3CP60PA, Spectre 13-ae084no 2PN43EA, Spectre 13-ae084tu 3CP58PA, Spectre 13-ae085tu 3CP59PA, Spectre 13-ae086tu 3CP77PA, Spectre 13-ae087nz 2WB63EA, Spectre 13-ae087tu 3CP78PA, Spectre 13-ae088nz 2ZH98EA, Spectre 13-ae088tu 3CP79PA, Spectre 13-ae089nz 3DM94EA, Spectre 13-ae089tu 3DR32PA, Spectre 13-ae090nz 2PF86EA, Spectre 13-ae090tu 3DR36PA, Spectre 13-ae091ms 2LU98UA, Spectre 13-ae091tu 3DR37PA, Spectre 13-ae092nz 2ZJ14EA, Spectre 13-ae092tu 3HX52PA, Spectre 13-ae093tu 3HX53PA, Spectre 13-ae094nz 2WB04EA, Spectre 13-ae095nz 3GA41EA, Spectre 13-ae095tu 3KL87PA, Spectre 13-ae096tu 3KK45PA, Spectre 13-ae097na 2ZJ51EA, Spectre 13-ae097np 2ZG92EA, Spectre 13-ae098na 2ZJ52EA, Spectre 13-ae098nz 2ZH99EA, Spectre 13-ae098tu 3KK46PA, Spectre 13-ae099nz 2WA79EA, Spectre 13-ae099tu 3KK47PA, Spectre 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15-df0011tx, Spectre x360 15-df0999nb, Spectre x360 15t Touch, Spectre x360 15t-bl000, Spectre x360 15t-bl100, TPNDA08, TPNQ179, TPN-Q179, Universal Dock 1MK33UT, Z4Z35UA#ABA, Z4Z36UA#ABA, Z4Z37UA#ABA, Z4Z38UA#ABA, Z4Z39UA#ABA, Z6K98EA, Z6L61EA