Original HP 19.5V 16.92A 330W ADP-330BB TPC-DA60 Laptop AC Adapter Charger 7.4*5.0mm


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Product Specifications :

  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19.5V
  • Output Current: 16.92A (330W)
  • Connector: 7.4mm*5.5mm
  • Color: Black
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  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Fit Part Numbers :

918607-003, 925142-850, ADP-330BB BA, M34531-003, M34603-001, TPC-DA60

Fit Models :

OMEN X 17-AP000NE, OMEN 17-CB0004NG, OMEN 17-CB0220NG, Omen X 17-AP000NF, Omen X 17-AP001NS, Omen X 17-AP004NL, Omen X 17-AP008NN, Omen X 17-AP021TX, Omen X 17-AP034NG, OMEN X 17-ap051nr, Omen X 17-ap032ng, OMEN 17-CB0008NC, OMEN 17-CB0030NR, Omen X 17-AP000UR, Omen X 17-AP003NF, Omen X 17-AP006NF, Omen X 17-AP014TX, Omen X 17-AP030ND, Omen X 17-ap000ng, OMEN 17-CB0008NG, OMEN 17-CB0230NG, Omen X 17-AP000NJ, Omen X 17-AP001UR, Omen X 17-AP004TX, Omen X 17-AP009TX, Omen X 17-AP023TX, Omen X 17-AP050NA, OMEN X 17-ap002np, Omen X 17-ap047tx, OMEN 17-CB0010NC, OMEN 17-CB0050NR, Omen X 17-AP001NE, Omen X 17-AP003NO, Omen X 17-AP006NO, Omen X 17-AP016TX, Omen X 17-AP031NG, OMEN 17-CB0044TX, OMEN 17-CB0002CA, Omen X 17-AP000NP, Omen X 17-AP002NF, Omen X 17-AP005NB, Omen X 17-AP010NR, Omen X 17-AP025TX, Omen X 17-AP090NZ, OMEN X 17-ap052nr, OMEN 17-CB0043TX, Omen X 17-AP092MS, Omen X 17-AP001NI, Omen X 17-AP003TX, Omen X 17-AP006UR, Omen X 17-AP018TX, Omen X 17-AP032TX, OMEN X 17-ap003ne, Omen X 17-ap006ng, OMEN 17-CB0582NA, OMEN 17-CB0005NA, Omen X 17-AP000NT, Omen X 17-AP002TX, Omen X 17-AP005TX, Omen X 17-AP011TX, Omen X 17-AP027TX, OMEN 17-CB0007NG, OMEN 17-CB0000TX, Omen X 17-AP000ND, Omen X 17-AP001NO, Omen X 17-AP004NF, Omen X 17-AP007TX, Omen X 17-AP020TX, Omen X 17-AP033TX, OMEN X 17-ap035ng, Omen X 17-ap030ng, OMEN 17-CB0925NA, OMEN 17-CB0020NR, Omen X 17-AP000NX, Omen X 17-AP003NA, Omen X 17-AP006NC, Omen X 17-AP013TX, Omen X 17-AP029TX, OMEN 17-CB0002NG, OMEN 17-CB0200NG, Omen X 17-AP000NI, Omen X 17-AP004NO, Omen X 17-AP008TX, Omen X 17-AP022TX, Omen X 17-AP034TX, OMEN X 17-ap001np, OMEN X 17-AP046TX, OMEN 17-CB0005NC, OMEN 17-CB0040NR, Omen X 17-AP001NB, Omen X 17-AP003NN, Omen X 17-AP006NL, Omen X 17-AP015TX, Omen X 17-AP030TX, Omen X 17-ap001nl, OMEN 17-CB0006NG, OMEN 17-CB0002NA, Omen X 17-AP000NO, Omen X 17-AP002NB, Omen X 17-AP004UR, Omen X 17-AP010ND, Omen X 17-AP024TX, Omen X 17-AP053NA, OMEN X 17-ap045tx, OMEN 17-CB0005NG, OMEN 17-CB0591NA, Omen X 17-AP001NF, Omen X 17-AP003NS, Omen X 17-AP006TX, Omen X 17-AP017TX, Omen X 17-AP031TX, Omen X 17-ap002no, Omen X 17-ap005ng, OMEN 17-CB0588NA, OMEN 17-CB0003NA, Omen X 17-AP000NS, Omen X 17-AP002NI, Omen X 17-AP005NF, Omen X 17-AP010TX, Omen X 17-AP026TX, OMEN 17-CB0020NG, OMEN 17-CB0001TX, Omen X 17-AP000NB, Omen X 17-AP001NN, Omen X 17-AP003UR, Omen X 17-AP007NF, Omen X 17-AP019TX, Omen X 17-AP033NG, OMEN X 17-ap036ng, OMEN 17-CB0002TX, OMEN 17-CB0006NA, Omen X 17-AP000NW, Omen X 17-AP002UR, Omen X 17-AP005UR, Omen X 17-AP012TX, Omen X 17-AP028TX, Omen X 17-ap002ng, OMEN X 17 ap010nr, Omen X 17-ap0xx, Omen X 17-ap007ng, OMEN X 17-ap020nr, Omen X 17-AP001TX, Omen X 17-ap000, OMEN X 17-AP000NA, Omen X 17

HP 2DR32AA HP 2DR32AA#ABA HP 2DR32AA#ABJ HP 2TX95UT#ABA HP 2TX96UT#ABA HP 2YD04AA HP 918607-003 HP 925142-850 HP ADP-330BB B HP ADP-330BB BA HP L01032-850 HP L35628-001 HP Omen 17-ap000na 17-ap000nb 17-ap000 HP Omen 17-ap000nd 17-ap000ne HP Omen 17-ap000nf 17-ap000ng HP Omen 17-ap000nj 17-ap000no HP Omen 17-ap000np 17-ap000ns HP Omen 17-ap000nt 17-ap000nw HP Omen 17-ap000nx 17-ap000ur HP Omen 17-ap001nb 17-ap001ne HP Omen 17-ap001nl 17-ap001nn HP Omen 17-ap001np 17-ap001ns HP Omen 17-ap001tx 17-ap001ur HP Omen 17-ap002nb 17-ap002nf HP Omen 17-ap002ng 17-ap002no HP Omen 17-ap002np 17-ap002ur HP Omen 17-ap003na 17-ap003ne HP Omen 17-ap003nf 17-ap003nn HP Omen 17-ap003no 17-ap003ns HP Omen 17-ap003tx 17-ap003ur HP Omen 17-ap004nf 17-ap004nl HP Omen 17-ap004no 17-ap004tx HP Omen 17-ap004ur 17-ap005nb HP Omen 17-ap005nf 17-ap005ng HP Omen 17-ap005tx 17-ap005ur HP Omen 17-ap006nc 17-ap006nf HP Omen 17-ap006ng 17-ap006nl HP Omen 17-ap006no 17-ap006tx HP Omen 17-ap006ur 17-ap007nf HP Omen 17-ap007ng 17-ap007nl HP Omen 17-ap007ur 17-ap008nf HP Omen 17-ap008nn 17-ap008no HP Omen 17-ap008ur 17-ap009nf HP Omen 17-ap009ur 17-ap010nd HP Omen 17-ap010nr 17-ap010ur HP Omen 17-ap011tx 17-ap011ur HP Omen 17-ap012ur 17-ap013nf HP Omen 17-ap013ur 17-ap014nn HP Omen 17-ap020nr 17-ap026tx HP Omen 17-ap027tx 17-ap030nd HP Omen 17-ap030ng 17-ap030tx HP Omen 17-ap031ng 17-ap032ng HP Omen 17-ap034ng 17-ap035ng HP Omen 17-ap036ng 17-ap042tx HP Omen 17-ap045tx 17-ap046tx HP Omen 17-ap047tx 17-ap050na HP Omen 17-ap050nz 17-ap051nr HP Omen 17-ap052nr 17-ap053na HP Omen 17-ap090nz 17-ap092ms HP Omen 17-ap092nz 17-ap012nf HP Omen 17-cb0000no 17-cb0000tx 17-cb000 HP Omen 17-cb0000ur 17-cb0001ng HP Omen 17-cb0001nt 17-cb0001tx HP Omen 17-cb0001ur 17-cb0002na HP Omen 17-cb0002nt 17-cb0002tx HP Omen 17-cb0002ur 17-cb0003ng HP Omen 17-cb0003ns 17-cb0004ns HP Omen 17-cb0004nt 17-cb0005na HP Omen 17-cb0005nc 17-cb0005ng HP Omen 17-cb0006na 17-cb0006ng HP Omen 17-cb0006ns 17-cb0006ur HP Omen 17-cb0007nc 17-cb0007ng HP Omen 17-cb0007ns 17-cb0007ur HP Omen 17-cb0008ng 17-cb0008ns HP Omen 17-cb0009ns 17-cb0010ns HP Omen 17-cb0010ur 17-cb0011ns HP Omen 17-cb0011ur 17-cb0012ns HP Omen 17-cb0012tx 17-cb0012ur HP Omen 17-cb0013ns 17-cb0013tx HP Omen 17-cb0013ur 17-cb0014ns HP Omen 17-cb0015nc 17-cb0015ns HP Omen 17-cb0016ns 17-cb0017ns HP Omen 17-cb0018ns 17-cb0019ns HP Omen 17-cb0020ng 17-cb0020nr HP Omen 17-cb0030nr 17-cb0040nr HP Omen 17-cb0044tx 17-cb0045tx HP Omen 17-cb0046tx 17-cb0047tx HP Omen 17-cb0048tx 17-cb0050nr HP Omen 17-cb0051tx 17-cb0052tx HP Omen 17-cb0588na 17-cb0591na HP Omen 17-cb0600nd 17-cb0670nd HP Omen 17-cb0700nd 17-cb0800nd HP Omen 17-cb0800ng 17-cb0835no HP Omen 17-cb0901ng 17-cb0925nd HP Omen 17t-ap000 HP Omen 17t-cb000 CTO HP TPC-DA60 HP L01032-850 HP Omen 17-cb0000nb 17-cb0029nm HP Omen 17-cb0000ne 17-cb0700nz HP Omen 17-cb0000nq 17-cb0030nm HP Omen 17-cb0000ns 17-cb0031nm HP Omen 17-cb0000nw 17-cb0031ur HP Omen 17-cb0000nx 17-cb0033nm HP Omen 17-cb0000nz 17-cb0033ur HP Omen 17-cb0001nk 17-cb0800nz HP Omen 17-cb0001nq 17-cb0034nw HP Omen 17-cb0001nw 17-cb0034ur HP Omen 17-cb0001nx 17-cb0900ng HP Omen 17-cb0002nl 17-cb0000nl HP Omen 17-cb0002nq 17-cb0035no HP Omen 17-cb0002nw 17-cb0035nw HP Omen 17-cb0003nb 17-cb0001na HP Omen 17-cb0003nq 17-cb0035ur HP Omen 17-cb0003ur 17-cb0002nk HP Omen 17-cb0004nf 17-cb0036ur HP Omen 17-cb0004np 17-cb0002ns HP Omen 17-cb0004nq 17-cb0038nw HP Omen 17-cb0004nu 17-cb0038ur HP Omen 17-cb0004nv 17-cb0039nw HP Omen 17-cb0004nw 17-cb0039ur HP Omen 17-cb0005nf 17-cb0002nu HP Omen 17-cb0005nq 17-cb0041nf HP Omen 17-cb0005nu 17-cb0042nf HP Omen 17-cb0005ur 17-cb0003na HP Omen 17-cb0006nf 17-cb0003np HP Omen 17-cb0006nh 17-cb0042nw HP Omen 17-cb0006nia 17-cb0004ur HP Omen 17-cb0006np 17-cb0043nw HP Omen 17-cb0006nq 17-cb0043ur HP Omen 17-cb0006nu 17-cb0044nw HP Omen 17-cb0006nv 17-cb0044ur HP Omen 17-cb0007nb 17-cb0045nb HP Omen 17-cb0007nf 17-cb0045nf HP Omen 17-cb0007ni 17-cb0045nw HP Omen 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Omen 17-cb0012nu 17-cb0199nia HP Omen 17-cb0013na 17-cb0200ng HP Omen 17-cb0013ni 17-cb0220ng HP Omen 17-cb0013nm 17-cb0008nl HP Omen 17-cb0013nq 17-cb0222ng HP Omen 17-cb0013nw 17-cb0009nb HP Omen 17-cb0014na 17-cb0312ng HP Omen 17-cb0014nb 17-cb0316ng HP Omen 17-cb0014nf 17-cb0406nz HP Omen 17-cb0014nv 17-cb0009ur HP Omen 17-cb0014nw 17-cb0646ng HP Omen 17-cb0015na 17-cb0010nw HP Omen 17-cb0015nf 17-cb0013nf HP Omen 17-cb0015nq 17-cb0647ng HP Omen 17-cb0015nw 17-cb0707nz HP Omen 17-cb0015ur 17-cb0014nc HP Omen 17-cb0016nl 17-cb0014ur HP Omen 17-cb0016nq 17-cb0720ng HP Omen 17-cb0017nb 17-cb0015nv HP Omen 17-cb0017nf 17-cb0725ng HP Omen 17-cb0017nq 17-cb0730ng HP Omen 17-cb0018na 17-cb0735ng HP Omen 17-cb0018nl 17-cb0790nz HP Omen 17-cb0018ur 17-cb0016na HP Omen 17-cb0019nm 17-cb0016nm HP Omen 17-cb0019nw 17-cb0017nm HP Omen 17-cb0019ur 17-cb0017ur HP Omen 17-cb0020nm 17-cb0018nw HP Omen 17-cb0020no 17-cb0799nb HP Omen 17-cb0020ns 17-cb0019nf HP Omen 17-cb0020tx 17-cb0019tx HP Omen 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17-cb0900nz 17-cb0230ng HP Omen 17-cb0907nz 17-cb0905nz HP Omen 17-CK1021NR HP Omen 17-ck0372nr HP Omen 17-ck1111nr