Original HP 19.5V 7.7A 150W AC Adapter For EliteBook 1050 G1 PAVILION 17-AB000NC HSTNN-DA27 Laptop Charger (7.4*5.0mm)


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Product Specifications :

  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19.5V
  • Output Current: 7.7A (150W)
  • Connector: 7.4mm*5.0mm
  • Color: black
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Compatible with:

200-5110 All-in-One, 200-5120 All-in-One, 200-5130 All-in-One, 200-5200 All-in-One, 397747-001, 397803-001, 462603-001, 463954-001, 463954-021 519333-003, 497288-001, 519333-001, 519333-002, 585010-001, 600081-001, 608429-001, 609919-001, 609943-001, 612750-001, 613156-001 608429-002, 645509-002, 646212-001, 647982-001, 648964-001, 677763-001, 677763-002, 677763-003, 681058-001, 681058-002, 681058-003, 693707-001, 697317-001, 849652-001 734275-001, 849652-002, 849652-003, 852160-800, 901981-002, 901981-003, 903715-800, A1501A3B1, A150A00AL, A150A00CL, A150A01CH, A150A03CH, A150A05AL, A150A05AL A150A02CL 737737-001, A150A05DL, ADP-150TB T, AL192AA, AL192AA H6Z95AV, AL192AA#ABA, AL192AA#ABB, All-in-One 200-5108hk, All-in-One 200-5110br, All-in-One 200-5110fr, All-in-One 200-5110pt, All-in-One 200-5111es, All-in-One 200-5112fr, All-in-One 200-5112it, All-in-One 200-5112pl, All-in-One 200-5118d, All-in-One 200-5118hk, All-in-One 200-5120af, All-in-One 200-5120be, All-in-One 200-5120br, All-in-One 200-5120fr, All-in-One 200-5120it, All-in-One 200-5120kr, All-in-One 200-5120nl, All-in-One 200-5120pt, All-in-One 200-5120ru, All-in-One 200-5120uk, All-in-One 200-5130be, All-in-One 200-5130ch, All-in-One 200-5130de, All-in-One 200-5130es, All-in-One 200-5130fr, All-in-One 200-5130jp, All-in-One 200-5130pl, All-in-One 200-5138cn, All-in-One 200-5138hk, All-in-One 200-5150la, All-in-One 200-5160a, All-in-One 200-5170d, All-in-One 200-5200ch, All-in-One 200-5200fr, All-in-One 200-5200kr, All-in-One 200-5210ad, All-in-One 200-5210d, All-in-One 200-5210nl, All-in-One 200-5210pl, All-in-One 200-5210ru, All-in-One 200-5211es, All-in-One 200-5216d, All-in-One 200-5218hk, All-in-One 200-5220a, All-in-One 200-5220be, All-in-One 200-5220it, All-in-One 200-5220la, All-in-One 200-5220pt, All-in-One 200-5230ad, All-in-One 200-5230fr, All-in-One 200-5230pl, All-in-One 200-5230ru, All-in-One 200-5240la, All-in-One 200-5240ru, All-in-One 200-5245la, All-in-One 200-5250, All-in-One 200-5250kr, All-in-One 200-5258hk, All-in-One 200-5260d, DA150PM100-00, Docking Station HSTNN-I09X, Docking Station HSTNN-L09X, Docking Station KP080AA, Docking Station KP080AA#ABA, Docking Station KP080AA#ABB, Docking Station KQ751AA, Docking Station KQ751AA#ABA, Docking Station KQ751AA#ABB, EliteBook 1050 G1 3ZH17EA, EliteBook 1050 G1 3ZH18EA, EliteBook 1050 G1 3ZH22EA, EliteBook 1050 G1 4QY19EA, EliteBook 1050 G1 4QY20EA, EliteBook 1050 G1 4QY21EA, EliteBook 1050 G1 4QY53EA, EliteBook 1050 G1 5AH70PC, EliteBook 1050 G1 5PL81PC, EliteBook 1050 G1 5PN06PC, EliteBook 1050 G1(4PH82PC), EliteBook 1050 G1(4PH83PC), EliteBook 1050 G1(4PJ10PC), EliteBook 1050 G1(4PJ11PC), EliteBook 1050 G1(4PJ12PC), EliteBook 1050 G1-3ZH19EA, EliteBook 1050 G1-3ZH20EA, EliteBook 1050 G1-3ZH21EA, EliteBook 1050 G1-3ZH23EA, EliteBook 1050 G1-3ZH24EA, EliteBook 1050 G1-3ZH25EA, EliteBook 1050 G1-3ZH26EA, EliteBook 1050 G1-3ZH27EA, EliteBook 1050 G1-4NC54UT, EliteBook 1050 G1-4NC55UT, EliteBook 1050 G1-4NL54UT, EliteBook 1050 G1-4QJ30PA, EliteBook 1050 G1-4QJ32PA, EliteBook 1050 G1-4QM42PA, EliteBook 1050 G1-4QY12EA, EliteBook 1050 G1-4QY13EA, EliteBook 1050 G1-4QY14EA, EliteBook 1050 G1-4QY15EA, EliteBook 1050 G1-4QY37EA, EliteBook 1050 G1-4QY38EA, EliteBook 1050 G1-4QY39EA, EliteBook 1050 G1-4QY74EA, EliteBook 1050 G1-4QY75EA, EliteBook 1050 G1-4TH26PA, EliteBook 1050 G1-4TH28PA, EliteBook 1050 G1-4TJ93PA, EliteBook 1050 G1-4VN92UC, EliteBook 1050 G1-4WC80AW, EliteBook 1050 G1-4WC82AW, EliteBook 1050 G1-4WN32US, EliteBook 1050 G1-4WT06US, EliteBook 1050 G1-4XS07UT, EliteBook 1050 G1-4YZ63US, EliteBook 1050 G1-4YZ91PA, EliteBook 1050 G1-4ZA13PA, EliteBook 1050 G1-4ZA14PA, EliteBook 1050 G1-4ZB67US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5AS45PA, EliteBook 1050 G1-5CE53US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5DB08EP, EliteBook 1050 G1-5DG11EA, EliteBook 1050 G1-5DG13EA, EliteBook 1050 G1-5DG28ES, EliteBook 1050 G1-5DG29ES, EliteBook 1050 G1-5DZ80US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5EF39US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5FQ19US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5FT50US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5FU02US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5FW39PA, EliteBook 1050 G1-5FW40PA, EliteBook 1050 G1-5FW42PA, EliteBook 1050 G1-5FW43PA, EliteBook 1050 G1-5GK96US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5GQ05US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5HE70PT, EliteBook 1050 G1-5JJ62US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5JJ65PA, EliteBook 1050 G1-5JJ71PA, EliteBook 1050 G1-5JV07US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5JY26US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5KA04PA, EliteBook 1050 G1-5KD14US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5KD79US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5KL43US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5KL80US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5KM09US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5LA50US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5LB31US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5LZ55UC, EliteBook 1050 G1-5NX33US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5PG08US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5PS55US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5RB95US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5SQ98EA, EliteBook 1050 G1-5SQ99EA, EliteBook 1050 G1-5TM52US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5TT67UP, EliteBook 1050 G1-5UA65US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5UF28US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5UT94US, EliteBook 1050 G1-5YR96UP, EliteBook 1050 G1-5ZY69US, EliteBook 1050 G1-6AE89US, EliteBook 1050 G1-6BX19US, EliteBook 1050 G1-6CE26US, EliteBook 1050 G1-6ED62US, EliteBook 1050 G1-6EK21EC, EliteBook 1050 G1-6FM24US, EliteBook 1050 G1-6JN20US, EliteBook 1050 G1-6KJ63US, EliteBook 1050 G1-6LA01US, EliteBook 1050 G1-6MY26US, EliteBook 1050 G1-6XD03EA, EliteBook 1050 G1-6YP12EC, EliteBook 1050 G1-6YV93US, EliteBook 1050 G1-6ZV14US, EliteBook 1050 G1-7BC30EP, EliteBook 1050 G1-7CF72US, EliteBook 1050 G1-7EZ17LP, EliteBook 1050 G1-7FS53EC, EliteBook 1050 G1-7FT95UC, EliteBook 1050 G1-7KN99ES, EliteBook 1050 G1-7LJ23EP, EliteBook 1050 G1-7LZ48US, EliteBook 1050 G1-7NV53US, EliteBook 1050 G1-7PD92US, EliteBook 1050 G1-7PR02UP, EliteBook 1050 G1-7QU16US, EliteBook 1050 G1-7QZ93EC, EliteBook 1050 G1-7TK05US, EliteBook 1050 G1-7VS12US, EliteBook 1050 G1-8AH72US, ENVY 20-d200 TouchSmart 7.4*5.0mm, ENVY 24-n000 23-o0007.4*5.0mm, ENVY 24-n000 Touch7.4*5.0mm, ENVY 24-n100 Touch7.4*5.0mm, ENVY 24-n200 Touch7.4*5.0mm, Envy Recline 23-k000 23-m100, Envy Recline 23-k000 TouchSmart All-in-One, Envy Recline 23-k001hk 23-K001A, Envy Recline 23-k005d 23-k006d, Envy Recline 23-k007d 23-k000ee, Envy Recline 23-k010ee 23-k010, Envy Recline 23-k010qd 23-k011, Envy Recline 23-k019 23-k027c, Envy Recline 23-k030 23-k039, Envy Recline 23-k040ea 23-k080ea, Envy Recline 23-k100 23-k100xt, ENVY Recline 23-k200 7.4*5.0mm, ENVY Recline 23-k300 Touch 7.4*5.0mm, ENVY Recline 23-k300 TouchSmart 7.4*5.0mm, ENVY Recline 23-k400 TouchSmart 7.4*5.0mm, ENVY Recline 23-m100 Touch 7.4*5.0mm, ENVY Recline 23-m100 TouchSmart 7.4*5.0mm, Envy Recline 23-m113w 23-m120, ENVY Recline 23-m200 TouchSmart 7.4*5.0mm, Envy Recline 23-m210qd 23-m120ea, Envy Recline 27-k000, Envy Recline 27-k000 23-m100, ENVY Recline 27-k000 TouchSmart 7.4*5.0mm, Envy Recline 27-k001a 27-k002d, Envy Recline 27-k003d 27-k004d, Envy Recline 27-k004ep 27-k040ea, Envy Recline 27-k010ee 27-k009, Envy Recline 27-k041 27-k050, Envy Recline 27-k050xt 27-k100, ENVY Recline 27-k100 TouchSmart 7.4*5.0mm, ENVY Recline 27-k200 TouchSmart 7.4*5.0mm, ENVY Recline 27-k300 Touch 7.4*5.0mm, ENVY Recline 27-k300 TouchSmart 7.4*5.0mm, ENVY Recline 27-k400 TouchSmart 7.4*5.0mm, ENVY Recline Pro 277.4*5.0mm, ENVY Touch 27-k0007.4*5.0mm, Envy TouchSmart 20-d000, Envy TouchSmart 20-d100, Envy TouchSmart 23-d100, Envy TouchSmart 23se, Envy TouchSmart 23se 23se-d300, Envy TouchSmart 23se-d300 23se-d309, Envy TouchSmart 23se-d309 23se-d394, Envy TouchSmart 23se-d394, HP EliteDesk 800 G6 Desktop Mini PC, HP EliteDesk 800 G6 Desktop Mini PC - 227F9PA, HP EliteDesk 800 G6 Desktop Mini PC - 227G0PA, HP EliteDesk 800 G6 Desktop Mini PC (8WY17AV) - 2S7E9PA, HP EliteDesk 800 G6 Desktop Mini PC (8WY21AV) - 447F1PA, HP EliteDesk 800G6 DM I910900T16GB/512PC - 1D2M3EA, HP EliteDesk 805 G6 Desktop Mini PC, HP EliteDesk 805 G6 Desktop Mini PC (2Q295AV) - 347F1PA, HP EliteDesk 805 G8 Desktop Mini PC, HP EliteDesk 805 G8 Desktop Mini PC (2C5E2AV) - 667X5PA, HP EliteDesk 805 G8 Desktop Mini PC (2C5E2AV) - 67R62PA, HP EliteDesk 805G6 DM 4750GE16GB/512GBPC - 21L53EA, HP PAVILION 27-CA1244 ALL-IN-ONE DESKTOP PC - 577B6A, HP Pavilion 27-d0057c All in One PC, HP Pavilion 27-d0080 All-In-One PC, HP Pavilion 27-d0230z All-in-one PC, HP Pavilion 27-xa0050 All-in-One Desktop, HP Pavilion AiO 24-K0133a PC - 1V7H5AA, HP Pavilion AiO 27-D0000a PC - 38B81PA, HP Pavilion AiO 27-D0001la PC - 140M2AA, HP Pavilion AiO 27-D0729a PC - 1V7C9AA, HP Pavilion All-in-One 27 PC 27-ca1000i, HP Pavilion All-in-One PC 24-k0000i, HP Pavilion All-in-One PC 27-d0000a, HP Pavilion All-in-One PC 27-d0000i, HP ProOne 400 G6 24 All-in-One PC, HP ProOne 400 G6 24 All-In-One PC - 230T1PA, HP ProOne 400 G6 24 All-In-One PC (9GR13AV) - 2U5R7PA, HP ProOne 400 G6 24 All-In-One PC (9GR13AV) - 31X49PA, HP ProOne 400 G6 24 All-In-One PC (9GR13AV) - 360J6PA, HP ProOne 400 G6 24 All-In-One PC (9GR13AV) - 39A23PA, HP ProOne 400 G6 24 All-In-One PC (9GR13AV) - 39R71PA, HP ProOne 400 G6 24 All-In-One PC (9GR13AV) - 3E9S1PA, HP ProOne 400 G6 24 All-In-One PC (9GR13AV) - 3V318PA, HP ProOne 400 G6 24 All-In-One PC (9GR13AV) - 436Z9PA, HP ProOne 400 G6 24 All-In-One PC (9GR13AV) - 46X60PA, HP ProOne 400 G6 24 All-In-One PC (9GR13AV) - 474Q3PA, HP ProOne 400 G6 24 All-In-One PC (9GR13AV) - 4A187PA, HP ProOne 400 G6 24 All-In-One PC (9GR13AV) - 4A2D2PA, HP ProOne 400 G6 24 All-In-One PC (9GR13AV) - 4Z374PA, HP ProOne 400 G6 24 All-In-One PC (9GR13AV) - 640X7PA, HP ProOne 400 G6 24 All-In-One PC (9GR13AV) - 641M3PA, HP ProOne 440 23.8 inch G9 All-in-One Desktop PC, HP ProOne 440 23.8 Inch G9 All-In-One Desktop PC (564F7AV) - 6H601PA, HP ProOne 440 23.8 Inch G9 All-In-One Desktop PC (564F7AV) - 6K7Y8PA, HP ProOne 440 23.8 Inch G9 All-In-One Desktop PC (564F7AV) - 6K7Y9PA, HP ProOne 440 23.8 Inch G9 All-In-One Desktop PC (564F8AV) - 6E7Z2PA, HP ProOne 440 23.8 Inch G9 All-In-One Desktop PC (564F8AV) - 6G2R0PA, HP ProOne 440 23.8 Inch G9 All-In-One Desktop PC (564F8AV) - 6J167PA, HP ProOne 440 23.8 Inch G9 All-In-One Desktop PC (564F8AV) - 6L0R3PA, HP ProOne 440 23.8 Inch G9 All-In-One Desktop PC (564G0AV) - 6L0N1PA, HP ProOne 440 23.8 Inch G9 All-In-One Desktop PC (564G0AV) - 6L0P3PA, HP ProOne 440 23.8 Inch G9 All-In-One Desktop PC (564G1AV) - 6E7Y9PA, HP ProOne 440 23.8 Inch G9 All-In-One Desktop PC IDS Base Model - 564F8AV, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO 7400 16GB/1TB PC - 6Z1Q5LS, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO 7400 16GB/1TB PC - 73S84LS, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO 7400 16GB/512GB PC - 763X2LS, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO G6900 8GB/512GB PC - 763X0LS, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO I312100 16GB/1TB PC - 744R2LS, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO I312100 8GB/256GBPC - 78Z59LS, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO I31210016GB/512GBPC - 6Z1H9LS, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO I512400 8GB/512GBPC - 796B0PA, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO I512500 8GB/1TB PC - 75R59PA, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO I512500 8GB/1TB PC - 7J1J9PA, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO I512500 8GB/1TB PC - 7J506PA, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO I512500 8GB/1TB PC - 7K1J3PA, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO I512500 8GB/256GBPC - 6C2Y5UA, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO I512500 8GB/512GBPC - 5W7L7ES, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO I512500 8GB/512GBPC - 75R50PA, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO I512500 8GB/512GBPC - 75R54PA, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO I512500 8GB/512GBPC - 7D7E5PA, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO I51250016GB/256GBPC - 6Y479PA, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO I51250016GB/256GBPC - 6Z5T5UP, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO I51250016GB/512GBPC - 6V9X0LS, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO I712700 16GB/1TB PC - 75S15PA, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO I712700 8GB/1TB PC - 75S41PA, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO I712700 8GB/512GBPC - 75R79PA, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO I712700 8GB/512GBPC - 75S29PA, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO I71270016GB/256GBPC - 72U94LP, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO I71270016GB/512GBPC - 7B705PC, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO I712700T8GB/512GBPC - 6T7B3LT, HP ProOne 440 G9 AiO PG7400 16GB/512GBPC - 6X8T0LS, HP ProOne 440 G9 All-In-One - 5L578ES, HP ProOne 600 G6 22 All-in-One PC, HP ProOne 600 G6 22 All-In-One PC - 236C1PA, HP ZHAN 66 Pro G3 24 All-in-One PC, HP ZHAN 66 Pro G3 24 All-In-One PC (9AV49AV) - 2L1H3PA, HP ZHAN 66 Pro G3 24 All-In-One PC (9AV49AV) - 2L1L6PA, HP ZHAN 66 Pro G3 24 All-In-One PC (9AV49AV) - 2L1L9PA, HP ZHAN 66 Pro G3 24 All-In-One PC (9AV49AV) - 2L1N0PA, HP ZHAN 66 Pro G3 24 All-In-One PC (9AV49AV) - 2L1N2PA, HP ZHAN 66 Pro G3 24 All-In-One PC (9AV49AV) - 2L1R0PA, HP ZHAN 66 Pro G3 24 All-In-One PC (9AV49AV) - 2L1T0PA, HP ZHAN 66 Pro G3 24 All-In-One PC (9AV49AV) - 2L1T1PA, HP ZHAN 66 Pro G3 24 All-In-One PC (9AV49AV) - 2N7X2PA, HP ZHAN 66 Pro G3 24 All-In-One PC (9AV49AV) - 2Q4K5PA, HP ZHAN 66 Pro G3 24 All-In-One PC (9AV49AV) - 2Q4L2PA, HP ZHAN 99 Pro 23.8 inch G9 All-in-One Desktop PC, HP ZHAN 99 Pro 23.8 Inch G9 All-In-One Desktop PC (56A14AV) - 69A41PA, HP ZHAN 99 Pro 23.8 Inch G9 All-In-One Desktop PC (56A14AV) - 69A44PA, HP ZHAN 99 Pro 23.8 Inch G9 All-In-One Desktop PC (56A14AV) - 69A45PA, HP ZHAN 99 Pro 23.8 Inch G9 All-In-One Desktop PC (56A14AV) - 69A46PA, HP-A1501A3B1 462603-003, HSTNN-CA27, HSTNN-CA27 AL192AA AL192AA#ABA, HSTNN-CA27150W, HSTNN-DA27, HSTNN-DA27 AL192AA#ABJ, HSTNN-HA09, HSTNN-L-A01-E, HSTNN-LA09, L67851-001 , L68323-001 , Omen 15-AX101TX, Omen 15-AX102TX, Omen 15-AX103TX, Omen 15-AX200, Omen 15-AX210TX, Omen 15-AX210TX(1DE73PA), Omen 15-AX211TX, Omen 15-AX211TX(1DE74PA), Omen 15-AX212TX, Omen 15-AX212TX(1DE75PA), Omen 15-AX214TX, Omen 15-AX216TX, Omen 15-AX217TX, Omen 15-AX218TX, Omen 15-AX224TX, Omen 15-AX225TX, Omen 15-AX226TX, Omen 15-AX240TX, Omen 15-CE002LA, Omen 15-CE011NP, Omen 15t-ax000, Omen 15t-ax000(V7F58AV), Omen 15t-ax200, Omen 15t-ax200(X7R18AV), Omni 200-5251, Omni 200-5300 100-61007.4*5.0mm, Omni 220-1000 200-54007.4*5.0mm, Omni 220-1200 220-11007.4*5.0mm, PA-1131-08HC, PA-1151-03HH, PA-1151-03HQ, PA-1151-03HR, PA-1151-03HS, PA-1151-03HS-ROHS, PA-1151-03HV, PA-1151-09HA, PA-1151-20HA, PA-1311, Pavilion 17-AB000NC, Pavilion 17-AB000ND, Pavilion 17-AB000NF, Pavilion 17-ab000ng, Pavilion 17-AB000NI, Pavilion 17-AB000NM, Pavilion 17-AB000NV, Pavilion 17-AB000NX, Pavilion 17-AB000UR, Pavilion 17-AB001NA, Pavilion 17-AB001NB, Pavilion 17-AB001NF, Pavilion 17-ab001ng, Pavilion 17-AB001NO, Pavilion 17-AB001NQ, Pavilion 17-AB001NS, Pavilion 17-AB001NT, Pavilion 17-AB001NU, Pavilion 17-AB001NV, Pavilion 17-AB001NX, Pavilion 17-AB001UR, Pavilion 17-AB002NA, Pavilion 17-AB002NB, Pavilion 17-AB002NE, Pavilion 17-AB002NF, Pavilion 17-ab002ng, Pavilion 17-AB002NK, Pavilion 17-AB002NM, Pavilion 17-AB002NQ, Pavilion 17-AB002NS, Pavilion 17-AB002UR, Pavilion 17-AB003NA, Pavilion 17-AB003NF, Pavilion 17-ab003ng, Pavilion 17-AB003NM, Pavilion 17-AB003NO, Pavilion 17-AB003NS, Pavilion 17-AB003NT, Pavilion 17-AB003NV, Pavilion 17-AB003UR, Pavilion 17-AB004NA, Pavilion 17-AB004NC, Pavilion 17-AB004NF, Pavilion 17-ab004ng, Pavilion 17-AB004NM, Pavilion 17-AB004NO, Pavilion 17-AB004NP, Pavilion 17-AB004NS, Pavilion 17-AB004UR, Pavilion 17-AB005ND, Pavilion 17-ab005ng, Pavilion 17-AB005NH, Pavilion 17-AB005NM, Pavilion 17-AB005NO, Pavilion 17-AB005NS, Pavilion 17-AB005UR, Pavilion 17-ab006ng, Pavilion 17-AB006NP, Pavilion 17-AB006NS, Pavilion 17-AB006UR, Pavilion 17-AB007NC, Pavilion 17-AB007NF, Pavilion 17-AB007NL, Pavilion 17-AB007NO, Pavilion 17-AB007NS, Pavilion 17-ab007ur, Pavilion 17-ab008ng, Pavilion 17-AB008NO, Pavilion 17-AB008UR, Pavilion 17-ab009ng, Pavilion 17-AB009NT, Pavilion 17-AB009UR, Pavilion 17-AB010NF, Pavilion 17-ab010ng, Pavilion 17-AB010NL, Pavilion 17-AB010NR, Pavilion 17-AB010NT, Pavilion 17-AB010UR, Pavilion 17-ab011ng, Pavilion 17-ab011nl, Pavilion 17-AB012NF, Pavilion 17-AB012NG, Pavilion 17-AB012NL, Pavilion 17-AB016NL, Pavilion 17-AB016UR, Pavilion 17-AB017UR, Pavilion 17-AB018UR, Pavilion 17-AB019UR, Pavilion 17-AB020NR, Pavilion 17-AB020UR, Pavilion 17-AB024UR, Pavilion 17-AB025UR, Pavilion 17-ab031ng, Pavilion 17-AB033NG, Pavilion 17-AB036NZ, Pavilion 17-AB040ND, Pavilion 17-AB051NA, Pavilion 17-AB051NW, Pavilion 17-AB051SA, Pavilion 17-AB060NZ, Pavilion 17-AB067NR, Pavilion 17-AB073ND, Pavilion 17-AB073NW, Pavilion 17-AB077NZ, Pavilion 17-AB080NO, Pavilion 17-ab080nz, Pavilion 17-AB086NG, Pavilion 17-AB091MS, Pavilion 17-AB200NA, Pavilion 17-AB200NC, Pavilion 17-AB200ND, Pavilion 17-AB200NE, Pavilion 17-AB200NF, Pavilion 17-ab200ng, Pavilion 17-AB200NI, Pavilion 17-AB200NK, Pavilion 17-AB200NM, Pavilion 17-AB200NO, Pavilion 17-AB200NP, Pavilion 17-AB200NQ, Pavilion 17-AB200NS, Pavilion 17-AB200NT, Pavilion 17-AB200NU, Pavilion 17-AB200NV, Pavilion 17-AB200NX, Pavilion 17-AB200UR, Pavilion 17-ab201na, Pavilion 17-AB201NC, Pavilion 17-AB201NE, Pavilion 17-ab201ng, Pavilion 17-AB201NL, Pavilion 17-AB201NM, Pavilion 17-AB201NO, Pavilion 17-AB201NP, Pavilion 17-AB201NQ, Pavilion 17-AB201NT, Pavilion 17-AB201NU, Pavilion 17-AB201UR, Pavilion 17-AB202NA, Pavilion 17-AB202NB, Pavilion 17-AB202NC, Pavilion 17-ab202nf, Pavilion 17-ab202ng, Pavilion 17-AB202NM, Pavilion 17-AB202NO, Pavilion 17-AB202NQ, Pavilion 17-AB202NU, Pavilion 17-AB202UR, Pavilion 17-AB203NB, Pavilion 17-AB203NF, Pavilion 17-ab203ng, Pavilion 17-AB203NL, Pavilion 17-AB203NM, Pavilion 17-AB203NO, Pavilion 17-AB203NP, Pavilion 17-AB203NS, Pavilion 17-AB203UR, Pavilion 17-AB204NB, Pavilion 17-AB204NF, Pavilion 17-ab204ng, Pavilion 17-ab204nl, Pavilion 17-AB204NM, Pavilion 17-AB204NS, Pavilion 17-AB204UR, Pavilion 17-AB205NF, Pavilion 17-ab205ng, Pavilion 17-AB205NS, Pavilion 17-AB206NF, Pavilion 17-ab206ng, Pavilion 17-AB206NL, Pavilion 17-AB206UR, Pavilion 17-ab207ng, Pavilion 17-AB207NL, Pavilion 17-AB207NM, Pavilion 17-AB207UR, Pavilion 17-ab208ng, Pavilion 17-AB208NM, Pavilion 17-AB208UR, Pavilion 17-ab209ng, Pavilion 17-AB209NM, Pavilion 17-AB209UR, Pavilion 17-ab210ng, Pavilion 17-AB210NM, Pavilion 17-AB210UR, Pavilion 17-ab211ng, Pavilion 17-AB211UR, Pavilion 17-ab212ng, Pavilion 17-AB212UR, Pavilion 17-ab213ng, Pavilion 17-AB213UR, Pavilion 17-AB214UR, Pavilion 17-AB215UR, Pavilion 17-AB220NR, Pavilion 17-ab230ng, Pavilion 17-ab231ng, Pavilion 17-ab232ng, Pavilion 17-ab233ng, Pavilion 17-AB240ND, Pavilion 17-AB250NA, Pavilion 17-AB250SA, Pavilion 17-AB260NZ, Pavilion 17-AB273ND, Pavilion 17-AB277NZ, Pavilion 17-AB280NG, Pavilion 17-AB280NZ, Pavilion 17-AB289NR, Pavilion 17-AB292MS, Pavilion 17-AB300NA, Pavilion 17-AB300ND, Pavilion 17-ab300nf, Pavilion 17-AB300NI, Pavilion 17-AB300NK, Pavilion 17-AB300NT, Pavilion 17-AB300NV, Pavilion 17-AB301NA, Pavilion 17-AB301NB, Pavilion 17-AB301NC, Pavilion 17-AB301NF, Pavilion 17-ab301ng, Pavilion 17-AB301NI, Pavilion 17-AB301NIA, Pavilion 17-AB301NK, Pavilion 17-AB301NT, Pavilion 17-AB301NV, Pavilion 17-AB301UR, Pavilion 17-AB302NA, Pavilion 17-AB302NF, Pavilion 17-ab302ng, Pavilion 17-AB302NIA, Pavilion 17-AB302NQ, Pavilion 17-AB302NT, Pavilion 17-AB302NU, Pavilion 17-AB302UR, Pavilion 17-AB303NA, Pavilion 17-AB303NB, Pavilion 17-AB303NF, Pavilion 17-ab303ng, Pavilion 17-AB303NIA, Pavilion 17-AB303NM, Pavilion 17-AB303NO, Pavilion 17-AB303NQ, Pavilion 17-AB303NT, Pavilion 17-AB303UR, Pavilion 17-AB304NC, Pavilion 17-AB304NF, Pavilion 17-ab304ng, Pavilion 17-AB304NM, Pavilion 17-AB304NO, Pavilion 17-AB304NQ, Pavilion 17-AB304NT, Pavilion 17-AB304UR, Pavilion 17-AB305NC, Pavilion 17-AB305NF, Pavilion 17-ab305ng, Pavilion 17-AB305NM, Pavilion 17-AB305NO, Pavilion 17-AB305NQ, Pavilion 17-AB305NT, Pavilion 17-AB305NU, Pavilion 17-AB305UR, Pavilion 17-ab306ng, Pavilion 17-AB306NM, Pavilion 17-AB306NO, Pavilion 17-AB306NU, Pavilion 17-AB306UR, Pavilion 17-AB307NC, Pavilion 17-AB307NF, Pavilion 17-AB307NG, Pavilion 17-AB307NM, Pavilion 17-AB307UR, Pavilion 17-AB308NF, Pavilion 17-AB308NM, Pavilion 17-AB308NO, Pavilion 17-AB308UR, Pavilion 17-AB309NF, Pavilion 17-ab309ng, Pavilion 17-AB309NM, Pavilion 17-AB309UR, Pavilion 17-AB310NF, Pavilion 17-ab310ng, Pavilion 17-AB310NM, Pavilion 17-AB310UR, Pavilion 17-ab311ng, Pavilion 17-AB311NM, Pavilion 17-AB311UR, Pavilion 17-AB312NF, Pavilion 17-AB312NG, Pavilion 17-AB312UR, Pavilion 17-AB313UR, Pavilion 17-AB314NF, Pavilion 17-AB314NG, Pavilion 17-AB314UR, Pavilion 17-AB315NF, Pavilion 17-AB315NG, Pavilion 17-AB315UR, Pavilion 17-AB316NF, Pavilion 17-ab316ng, Pavilion 17-AB316UR, Pavilion 17-ab317ng, Pavilion 17-AB317UR, Pavilion 17-AB318UR, Pavilion 17-AB319NG, Pavilion 17-AB319UR, Pavilion 17-AB320NG, Pavilion 17-AB320UR, Pavilion 17-AB321UR, Pavilion 17-AB322UR, Pavilion 17-AB323UR, Pavilion 17-AB324UR, Pavilion 17-AB325UR, Pavilion 17-AB326UR, Pavilion 17-AB327UR, Pavilion 17-AB328UR, Pavilion 17-AB329UR, Pavilion 17-ab330ng, Pavilion 17-AB330UR, Pavilion 17-AB331NG, Pavilion 17-AB331UR, Pavilion 17-AB332NG, Pavilion 17-AB332UR, Pavilion 17-AB334NG, Pavilion 17-AB344UR, Pavilion 17-AB354ND, Pavilion 17-AB355ND, Pavilion 17-AB360ND, Pavilion 17-AB360NZ, Pavilion 17-AB370NZ, Pavilion 17-AB372NG, Pavilion 17-AB373NG, Pavilion 17-AB377NZ, Pavilion 17-AB380NG, Pavilion 17-AB381NG, Pavilion 17-AB398NP, Pavilion 17-AB399NP, Pavilion 17-ab400, Pavilion 17-AB400NC, Pavilion 17-AB400ND, Pavilion 17-AB400NF, Pavilion 17-AB400NIA, Pavilion 17-AB400NK, Pavilion 17-AB400NM, Pavilion 17-AB400NU, Pavilion 17-AB400UR, Pavilion 17-AB401NA, Pavilion 17-AB401NC, Pavilion 17-AB401NF, Pavilion 17-ab401ng, Pavilion 17-AB401NIA, Pavilion 17-AB401NM, Pavilion 17-AB401NO, Pavilion 17-AB401NP, Pavilion 17-AB401NU, Pavilion 17-AB401UR, Pavilion 17-AB402NC, Pavilion 17-AB402NF, Pavilion 17-ab402ng, Pavilion 17-AB402NIA, Pavilion 17-AB402NK, Pavilion 17-AB402NM, Pavilion 17-AB402NO, Pavilion 17-AB402NP, Pavilion 17-AB402UR, Pavilion 17-AB403NF, Pavilion 17-ab403ng, Pavilion 17-AB403NIA, Pavilion 17-AB403NK, Pavilion 17-AB403NO, Pavilion 17-AB403NP, Pavilion 17-AB403UR, Pavilion 17-AB404NA, Pavilion 17-AB404NF, Pavilion 17-ab404ng, Pavilion 17-AB404NK, Pavilion 17-AB404NM, Pavilion 17-AB404NO, Pavilion 17-AB404NP, Pavilion 17-AB404NQ, Pavilion 17-AB404UR, Pavilion 17-AB405NA, Pavilion 17-AB405NK, Pavilion 17-AB405NP, Pavilion 17-AB405UR, Pavilion 17-AB406NG, Pavilion 17-AB406NK, Pavilion 17-AB406NP, Pavilion 17-AB406NQ, Pavilion 17-AB406UR, Pavilion 17-AB407NF, Pavilion 17-AB407NK, Pavilion 17-AB407NQ, Pavilion 17-AB407UR, Pavilion 17-AB408NC, Pavilion 17-AB408NK, Pavilion 17-AB408NQ, Pavilion 17-AB408UR, Pavilion 17-AB409NQ, Pavilion 17-AB409UR, Pavilion 17-AB410NF, Pavilion 17-AB410UR, Pavilion 17-AB411NF, Pavilion 17-AB411UR, Pavilion 17-AB412NC, Pavilion 17-AB412UR, Pavilion 17-AB413UR, Pavilion 17-AB414UR, Pavilion 17-AB415UR, Pavilion 17-AB416UR, Pavilion 17-AB418UR, Pavilion 17-AB419UR, Pavilion 17-AB420NG, Pavilion 17-AB420UR, Pavilion 17-AB421NG, Pavilion 17-AB421UR, Pavilion 17-AB422NG, Pavilion 17-AB422UR, Pavilion 17-AB423UR, Pavilion 17-AB424NG, Pavilion 17-AB424UR, Pavilion 17-AB425NG, Pavilion 17-AB425UR, Pavilion 17-AB426UR, Pavilion 17-AB427UR, Pavilion 17-AB428UR, Pavilion 17-AB429UR, Pavilion 17-AB430NG, Pavilion 17-AB430UR, Pavilion 17-AB431NG, Pavilion 17-AB431UR, Pavilion 17-AB432UR, Pavilion 17-AB433UR, Pavilion 17-AB434UR, Pavilion 17-AB435NG, Pavilion 17-AB435UR, Pavilion 17-AB436NG, Pavilion 17-AB439NG, Pavilion 17-ab440ng, Pavilion 17-AB450ND, Pavilion 17-AB455ND, Pavilion 17-AB464NB, Pavilion 17-AB469NB, Pavilion 17-AB471NG, Pavilion 17-AB479NO, Pavilion 17-AB483NG, Pavilion 17-AB485NZ, Pavilion 17-AB486NG, Pavilion 17-AB488NG, Pavilion 17-AB490NG, Pavilion 17-AB491NG, Pavilion 17-AB492NB, Pavilion 17-AB492ND, Pavilion 17-AB492NZ, Pavilion 17-AB497NA, Pavilion 17-AB497ND, Pavilion 17-AB498NA, Pavilion 17-AB498NK, Pavilion 17-AB499NA, Pavilion 17-AB499NG, Pavilion 17-AB499NK, Pavilion 17-CD, Pavilion 17-CD0000NT, Pavilion 17-CD0005NT, Pavilion 17-CD0013NC, Pavilion 17-CD0017NM, Pavilion 17-CD0025TX, Pavilion 17-CD0030NR, Pavilion 17-CD0300, Pavilion 17-CD0300NG, Pavilion 17-CD0301NG, Pavilion 17-CD0311NG, Pavilion 17-CD0316NG, Pavilion 17-CD0506SA, Pavilion 17-CD0525NG, Pavilion 17-CD0526NA, Pavilion 17-CD0620NG, Pavilion 20-b3007.4*5.0mm, Pavilion 20-b4007.4*5.0mm, Pavilion 20-f200, Pavilion 20-f400 TouchSmart 7.4*5.0mm, Pavilion 21-a1007.4*5.0mm, Pavilion 21-a2007.4*5.0mm, Pavilion 23-10007.4*5.0mm, Pavilion 23-b100, Pavilion 23-b200, Pavilion 23-b3007.4*5.0mm, Pavilion 23-b4007.4*5.0mm, Pavilion 23-g2007.4*5.0mm, Pavilion 23-g3007.4*5.0mm, Pavilion 24-qb0000 All-in-One, Pavilion 24-qb0003in 24-qb0050in All-in-One, Pavilion 24-qb0051in 24-qb0052in All-in-One, Pavilion 24-qb0053in 24-qb0054in All-in-One, Pavilion 24-qb0059in 24-qb0075in All-in-One, Pavilion 24-qb0076in 24-qb0077in All-in-One, Pavilion 24-xa0057jp 27-xa0055nb All-in-One, Pavilion 27-qb0000 27-qb0070in All-in-One, Pavilion 27-qb0084in All-in-One, Pavilion 27-qb1000 All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0000 27-xa1055z All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0000na 27-xa0055ng All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0000nf 27-xa0056nb All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0000ng 27-xa0057nb All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0000ni 27-xa0057nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0000nk 27-xa0058nb All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0000nl 27-xa0038ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0000np 27-xa0058nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0000nq 27-xa0039 All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0000nt 27-xa0059nb All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0000nv 27-xa0039nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0000nw 27-xa0061nb All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0000ny 27-xa0061ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0000ur 27-xa0040 All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0001nf 27-xa0062nb All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0001ng 27-xa0062nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0001nk 27-xa0064nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0001no 27-xa0065nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0001np 27-xa0065ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0001nv 27-xa0066nb All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0001nw 27-xa0066nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0001ur 27-xa0040nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0002a 27-xa0040ns All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0002ne 27-xa0068a All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0002ng 27-xa0068nb All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0002nl 27-xa0068nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0002np 27-xa0068ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0002nu 27-xa0069nb All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0002nv 27-xa0041ns All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0002nw 27-xa0069ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0002ur 27-xa0071a All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0003a 27-xa0071nb All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0003na 27-xa0073d All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0003ng 27-xa0073nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0003nj 27-xa0074d All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0003nl 27-xa0075jp All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0003no 27-xa0075nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0003np 27-xa0075ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0003nv 27-xa0041ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0003nw 27-xa0076hk All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0003nx 27-xa0076nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0003nz 27-xa0076ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0003ur 27-xa0077c All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0004na 27-xa0077nb All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0004nc 27-xa0077ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0004ne 27-xa0078nb All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0004ng 27-xa0080 All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0004ni 27-xa0080nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0004np 27-xa0080ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0004nq 27-xa0081ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0004ns 27-xa0083d All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0004nw 27-xa0083nb All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0004nx 27-xa0084nb All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0004ny 27-xa0085ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0004nz 27-xa0086ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0004ur 27-xa0087nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0005ne 27-xa0087ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0005ng 27-xa0089nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0005np 27-xa0090nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0005ns 27-xa0090ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0005nv 27-xa0091nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0005nw 27-xa0091ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0005ny 27-xa0092no All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0005ur 27-xa0092ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0006ne 27-xa0093a All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0006ng 27-xa0093nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0006no 27-xa0093ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0006np 27-xa0094nb All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0006nt 27-xa0094nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0006nw 27-xa0094ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0006ny 27-xa0095nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0006ur 27-xa0095ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0007nc 27-xa0096nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0007ne 27-xa0096ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0007nf 27-xa0097ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0007ns 27-xa0098ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0007nt 27-xa0099nb All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0007nw 27-xa0099ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0007ur 27-xa0100ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0008nk 27-xa0101nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0008no 27-xa0101ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0008np 27-xa0102ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0008nq 27-xa0103ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0008ns 27-xa0104ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0008nt 27-xa0105nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0008nv 27-xa0105no All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0008nw 27-xa0105ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0008ny 27-xa0106nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0008ur 27-xa0106no All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0009 27-xa0106ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0009nb 27-xa0107nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0009nc 27-xa0107ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0009nk 27-xa0108ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0009nl 27-xa0109ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0009nq 27-xa0110ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0009ns 27-xa0111ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0009nt 27-xa0112ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0009ny 27-xa0113ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0009ur 27-xa0114ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa000la 27-xa0115ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0010na 27-xa0116nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0010ng 27-xa0116ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0010nk 27-xa0117ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0010no 27-xa0118ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0010nv 27-xa0121ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0010nw 27-xa0122ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0010ny 27-xa0123ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0010ur 27-xa0124ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0011 27-xa0042na All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0011na 27-xa0125qe All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0011ng 27-xa0125ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0011no 27-xa0128ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0011np 27-xa0129ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0011nv 27-xa0134ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0011ny 27-xa0135st All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0011ur 27-xa0042nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0012nc 27-xa0136ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0012nf 27-xa0149 All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0012ng 27-xa0150kr All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0012nk 27-xa0151kr All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0012no 27-xa0152kr All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0012nq 27-xa0153kr All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0012nv 27-xa0159 All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0012nw 27-xa0170jp All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0012ny 27-xa0172cn All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0012ur 27-xa0042ns All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0013ng 27-xa0172d All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0013nh 27-xa0175kr All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0013nk 27-xa0176hk All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0013ns 27-xa0178kr All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0013nw 27-xa0180d All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0013ny 27-xa0181kr All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0013ur 27-xa0042ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0013w 27-xa0043ns All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0014 27-xa0182kr All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0014na 27-xa0187nh All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0014nf 27-xa0201ng All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0014ng 27-xa0202ng All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0014nq 27-xa0203ng All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0014nt 27-xa0220ng All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0014ur 27-xa0221ng All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0015nf 27-xa0224ng All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0015ng 27-xa0295nh All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0015nk 27-xa0297ng All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0015nl 27-xa0299nh All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0015np 27-xa0301ng All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0015nt 27-xa0304ng All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0015ny 27-xa0309nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0015ur 27-xa0315nd All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0016nf 27-xa0320ng All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0016nk 27-xa0328nh All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0016np 27-xa0344nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0016ns 27-xa0400nd All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0016ny 27-xa0400ng All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0016ur 27-xa0401nh All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0017nf 27-xa0423nh All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0017ng 27-xa0426nh All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0017nl 27-xa0447nh All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0017np 27-xa0453nh All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0017nw 27-xa0500ng All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0017ny 27-xa0500nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0017ur 27-xa0504nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0018ng 27-xa0505nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0018nk 27-xa0507nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0018ny 27-xa0509nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0018ur 27-xa0510cn All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0019 27-xa0520cn All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0019nf 27-xa0530ng All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0019ng 27-xa0550cn All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0019ns 27-xa0550nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0019ur 27-xa0555nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa001la 27-xa0044ns All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0020no 27-xa0620nd All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0020ns 27-xa0650nd All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0020ur 27-xa0680nd All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0021nw 27-xa0702nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0021ur 27-xa0706nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0022ds 27-xa0750cn All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0022nw 27-xa0777nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0022ur 27-xa0800ng All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0023nf 27-xa0800nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0023ur 27-xa0801nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0024nf 27-xa0805nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0024ns 27-xa0806nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0024nw 27-xa0809nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0024ur 27-xa0846ng All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0025nf 27-xa0847ng All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0025no 27-xa0848ng All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0025t 27-xa0045na All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0025ur 27-xa0849ng All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0026nf 27-xa0045ns All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0026nl 27-xa0850nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0026no 27-xa0877nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0026ns 27-xa0884nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0026ur 27-xa0885nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0027ns 27-xa0900ns All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0028nf 27-xa0901ng All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0028ns 27-xa0902ns All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0029c 27-xa0903ns All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0029nf 27-xa0904ng All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0030nf 27-xa0904ns All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0030ur 27-xa0904nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0031 27-xa0045ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0031nf 27-xa0906ns All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0031ns 27-xa0906nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0032na 27-xa0907ns All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0032nf 27-xa0909ns All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0032ur 27-xa0909nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0033na 27-xa0911ns All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0033ns 27-xa0913ns All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0034nl 27-xa0914ns All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0034ur 27-xa0915ns All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0035na 27-xa0977nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0035nl 27-xa0992nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0035xt 27-xa0046na All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0036na 27-xa0994nz All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0036ns 27-xa0996nh All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0036ur 27-xa0997nh All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0037na 27-xa0998nh All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0037nl 27-xa0999nb All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0037ur 27-xa0999nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0038na 27-xa0999nh All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0045z 27-xa0046nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0050 27-xa0046ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0055st 27-xa0047na All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0071hk 27-xa0006nf All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0072a 27-xa0048ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0370nd 27-xa0049ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0540cn 27-xa0050nb All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0590nd 27-xa0051d All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0707nz 27-xa0052ng All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0740cn 27-xa0053a All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0807nz 27-xa0053ur All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa0900ng 27-xa0054nb All-in-One, Pavilion 27-xa1000 27-xa1023a All-in-One, Pavilion All-in-One 200-5100t, Pavilion All-in-One 200-5150t, Pavilion All-in-One 200-5200t, Pavilion All-in-One 200-5220jp, Pavilion All-in-One 200-5250xt, Pavilion All-in-One 200-5280qd, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0000nw, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0000nz, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0001ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0001ns, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0002ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0003ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0003nh, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0004ng, Pavilion GAMING 15-CX0004NO, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0005ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0006np, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0007nw, Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0014NW, Pavilion GAMING 15-CX0020NR, Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0020NS, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0021ns, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0023nf, Pavilion GAMING 15-CX0026NL, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0030nr, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0040nr, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0043ne, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0047nf, Pavilion gaming 15-cx0056wm, Pavilion Gaming 15-CX0058WM, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0112ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0144tx, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0172ur, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0201ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0203ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0204ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0205ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0206ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0245ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0304ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0305ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0309ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0317ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0320ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0322ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0323ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0401ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0402ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0599na, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0601ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0700ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0701ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0702ng, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0800no, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0800nz, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0812no, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0990nl, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0997nl, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0998nf, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0999na, Pavilion Gaming 15-cx0999nl, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0001nc, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0001ur, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0002nc, Pavilion GAMING 17-CD0002NF, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0003nc, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0003nw, Pavilion GAMING 17-CD0005NT, Pavilion GAMING 17-CD0006NF, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0007nc, Pavilion GAMING 17-CD0010UR, Pavilion GAMING 17-CD0011NC, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0012nm, Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0012NT, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0012TX, Pavilion GAMING 17-CD0013NC, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0013ur, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0014nm, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0015tx, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0017nc, Pavilion GAMING 17-CD0020NR, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0021nf, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0022tx, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0023nf, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0024na, Pavilion GAMING 17-CD0024NV, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0026TX, Pavilion GAMING 17-CD0033NA, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0066ur, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0085cl, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0095nr, Pavilion GAMING 17-CD0100, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0100nd, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0108ng, Pavilion GAMING 17-CD0110NG, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0112ng, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0114ng, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0120ng, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0141ng, Pavilion gaming 17-cd0147nb, Pavilion Gaming 17-CD0150ND, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0200, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0207ng, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0208ng, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0210ng, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0216ng, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0217ng, Pavilion GAMING 17-CD0222NG, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0225ng, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0226ng, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0228ng, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0233ng, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0300ng, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0301ng, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0311ng, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0316ng, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0410ng, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0415ng, Pavilion GAMING 17-CD0525NG, Pavilion GAMING 17-CD0526NA, Pavilion GAMING 17-CD0600NG, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0675ng, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0700nd, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0740ng, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0800ng, Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0913ng, Pavilion GAMING 17-CD0917ND, Pavilion GAMING 17-CD0919NG, Pavilion Touch 20-f3007.4*5.0mm, Pavilion TouchSmart 20-f300 7.4*5.0mm, ProOne 496 G3, Spectre ONE 23-e0007.4*5.0mm, Spectre ONE 23-e2007.4*5.0mm, TouchSmart All-in-One, TPC-CA52, TPC-DA52, TPC-I003, TPC-LA52, TPN-LA20, U150A01CH, ZBook 15 Base Model, ZBook 15 F2P52UT F2P51UT, ZBook 15 F2P55UT F2P56UT, ZBook 15 G3(1BA91UP), ZBook 15 G3(1BA95UP), ZBook 15 G3(1FR85AV), ZBook 15 G3(1GA67UP), ZBook 15 G3(1LG09UP), ZBook 15 G3(1LG11UP), ZBook 15 G3(1LG12UP), ZBook 15 G3(1VK96UP), ZBook 15 G3(1YP80EC), ZBook 15 G3(1YP81EC), ZBook 15 G3(M9R61AV), ZBook 15 G3(M9R63AV), ZBook 15 G3(M9R64AV), ZBook 15 G3(V2C97AW), ZBook 15 G3(V2C99AW), ZBook 15 G3(V6J16EC), ZBook 15 G3(W4S02UC), ZBook 15 G3(W5M06UP), ZBook 15 G3(W5M19UP), ZBook 15 G3(W5M60UP), ZBook 15 G3(W5N85UP), ZBook 15 G3(W8F71UP), ZBook 15 G3(X1D52UP), ZBook 15 G3(X1D83UP), ZBook 15 G3(X1W45UP), ZBook 15 G3(X3W48AW), ZBook 15 G3(X3W50AW), ZBook 15 G3(X4H75EC), ZBook 15 G3(X5N78UC), ZBook 15 G3(X8A41UP), ZBook 15 G3(X8W08PA), ZBook 15 G3(X8W09PA), ZBook 15 G3(X8W76UC), ZBook 15 G3(Y2P66UP), ZBook 15 G3(Y6E91UC), ZBook 15 G3(Z3N22UC), ZBook 15 G3(Z6H67UC), ZBook 15 G3(Z9Q01UP), ZBook 15 G4(1JB30AW), ZBook 15 G4(1JB32AW), ZBook 15 G4(2WN03PA), ZBook 15 G4(2WN13PA), ZBook 15 G4(Y4E76AV), ZBook 15 G4(Y4E77AV), ZBook 15 G4(Y4E78AV), ZBook 15 G4(Y4E79AV), ZBook 15 G4(Y4E80AV), ZBook 15 G4(Z8X63AV), ZBook 15 i7-4700MQ i7-4600M i5-4330M, ZBook 15 i7-4900MQ i7-4800MQ, ZBook 15 Mobile Workstation ENERGY STAR, ZBook 17 Base Model, ZBook 17 F2P72UT F2P75UT, ZBook 17 F2P74UT F2P73UT F1J74UT, ZBook 17 G3(1EQ79AV), ZBook 17 G3(M9L90AV), ZBook 17 G3(M9L91AV), ZBook 17 G3(M9L92AV), ZBook 17 G3(M9L93AV), ZBook 17 G3(M9L94AV), ZBook 17 G3(V2D18AW), ZBook 17 G3(V2D20AW), ZBook 17 G3(W4R14UC), ZBook 17 G3(W5M20UP), ZBook 17 G3(W5M21UP), ZBook 17 G3(W5P10UP), ZBook 17 G3(W5P11UP), ZBook 17 G3(X1D84UP), ZBook 17 G3(X1F48UP), ZBook 17 G3(X1W49UP), ZBook 17 G3(X3W44AW), ZBook 17 G3(X3W46AW), ZBook 17 G3(X5N79UC), ZBook 17 G3(X8A42UP), ZBook 17 G3(X8W91UC), ZBook 17 G3(Y0K65AV), ZBook 17 G3(Y2Q07UP), ZBook i7-4600M i5-4330M i5-4300M, ZBook i7-4930MX i7-4800MQ i7-4700MQ, ZBook Studio G3(1RR32EA), ZBook Studio G3(M6V82AV), ZBook Studio G3(T7W00ET), ZBook Studio G3(T7W01ET), ZBook Studio G3(T7W02ET), ZBook Studio G3(T7W04ET), ZBook Studio G3(T7W05ET), ZBook Studio G3(T7W06ET), ZBook Studio G3(V8N22PA), ZBOOK STUDIO G3(V8N23PA), ZBook Studio G3(V8N24PA), ZBook Studio G3(V8N25PA), ZBook Studio G3(V8N26PA), ZBook Studio G3(W2Y21PA), ZBook Studio G3(W2Y22PA), ZBook Studio G3(W2Y23PA), ZBook Studio G3(W2Y24PA), ZBook Studio G3(W5N86UP), ZBook Studio G3(W5U25AV), ZBook Studio G3(W9W57AV), ZBook Studio G3(X1D13UP), ZBook Studio G3(X3X15AW), ZBook Studio G3(X3X16AW), ZBook Studio G3(X3X17AW), ZBook Studio G3(X3X18AW), ZBook Studio G3(X5N82UC), ZBook Studio G3(Y2Q70UP), ZBook Studio G3(Y2R93UP), ZBook Studio G3(Z2H78AV), ZBook Studio G3(Z2H80AV), ZBook Studio G3-1AG14EC, ZBook Studio G3-1BB19US, ZBook Studio G3-1BB20US, ZBook Studio G3-1BB21US, ZBook Studio G3-1BR11UP, ZBook Studio G3-1CR68PA, ZBook Studio G3-1CR70PA, ZBook Studio G3-1DX22UP, ZBook Studio G3-1FA18US, ZBook Studio G3-1FA45UP, ZBook Studio G3-1GA69US, ZBook Studio G3-1HY77US, ZBook Studio G3-1JC35US, ZBook Studio G3-1JD55US, ZBook Studio G3-1KH22US, ZBook Studio G3-1LA17US, ZBook Studio G3-1LG62US, ZBook Studio G3-1NL35LA, ZBook Studio G3-1RR31EA, ZBook Studio G3-1RR32ET, ZBook Studio G3-1TS30US, ZBook Studio G3-2DR77US, ZBook Studio G3-2EZ80US, ZBook Studio G3-2EZ81US, ZBook Studio G3-2EZ83US, ZBook Studio G3-2NV56EP, ZBook Studio G3-2UL21UP, ZBook Studio G3-3CW99EP, ZBook Studio G3-3MF80UC, ZBook Studio G3-3NU55LA, ZBook Studio G3-T5J03EC, ZBook Studio G3-T7V98EA, ZBook Studio G3-T7V99EA, ZBook Studio G3-T7W03ET, ZBook Studio G3-T7W07EA, ZBook Studio G3-T7W08EA, ZBook Studio G3-T7W09EA, ZBook Studio G3-V1P95LT, ZBook Studio G3-V1P96LT, ZBook Studio G3-V2W17LT, ZBook Studio G3-V2W78LA, ZBook Studio G3-V8H28US, ZBook Studio G3-V8H29US, ZBook Studio G3-V8H98US, ZBook Studio G3-V8N17PA, ZBook Studio G3-V8N18PA, ZBook Studio G3-W5H58US, ZBook Studio G3-W5P28US, ZBook Studio G3-W6H89US, ZBook Studio G3-W8E69UP, ZBook Studio G3-W9G95US, ZBook Studio G3-W9G96US, ZBook Studio G3-X0E80US, ZBook Studio G3-X8Z71US, ZBook Studio G3-X9C93PC, ZBook Studio G3-X9M15US, ZBook Studio G3-X9M59US, ZBook Studio G3-X9M79US, ZBook Studio G3-X9N72US, ZBook Studio G3-X9T83UT, ZBook Studio G3-X9T84UT, ZBook Studio G3-Y1E92UC, ZBook Studio G3-Y1E99UC, ZBook Studio G3-Y1U38EC, ZBook Studio G3-Y1W39US, ZBook Studio G3-Y2Q11UP, ZBook Studio G3-Y2Q13UP, ZBook Studio G3-Y2R36UP, ZBook Studio G3-Y2R40UP, ZBook Studio G3-Y2R69UP, ZBook Studio G3-Y3R98UC, ZBook Studio G3-Y4S46PA, ZBook Studio G3-Y4W02US, ZBook Studio G3-Y6J49EA, ZBook Studio G3-Y6J50EA, ZBook Studio G3-Y6J50ET, ZBook Studio G3-Y6P90UP, ZBook Studio G3-Y6Q38UP, ZBook Studio G3-Y9E11US, ZBook Studio G3-Y9E95US, ZBook Studio G3-Y9F79US, ZBook Studio G3-Y9G16US, ZBook Studio G3-Y9G31US, ZBook Studio G3-Y9G50US, ZBook Studio G3-Z1X46US, ZBook Studio G3-Z2A40UT, ZBook Studio G3-Z2A86US, ZBook Studio G3-Z2C43US, ZBook Studio G3-Z3N42UC, ZBook Studio G3-Z3T51US, ZBook Studio G3-Z5S55UP, ZBook Studio G3-Z5S57UP, ZBook Studio G3-Z5Y30US, ZBook Studio G3-Z5Y31US, ZBook Studio G3-Z6H69UC, ZBook Studio G3-Z6M97US, ZBook Studio G3-Z6N06US, ZBook Studio G3-Z6N30US, ZBook Studio G3-Z6N80US, ZBook Studio G3-Z8L34US, ZBook Studio G3-Z9W13US, ZBook Studio G3-Z9W68US, ZBook Studio G4(1HQ51AW), ZBook Studio G4(1HQ53AW), ZBook Studio G4(2WN18PA), ZBook Studio G4(X5E42AV), ZBook Studio G4(X5E43AV), ZBook Studio G4(X5E44AV), ZBook Studio G4(X5E45AV), ZBook Studio G4(X5E46AV), ZBook Studio G4(X5E47AV), ZBook Studio G4(X5E48AV), ZBook Studio G4(X5E49AV), ZBook Studio G4(Y1F31AV), ZBook Studio G4(Y1F32AV), ZBook Studio G5(2YN53AV), ZBook Studio G5(2YN54AV), ZBook Studio G5(2YN55AV), ZBook Studio G5(2YN56AV), ZBook Studio G5(2YN57AV), ZBook Studio G5(2YN58AV), ZBook Studio G5(2YN59AV), ZBook Studio G5(2YN60AV), ZBook Studio G5(2YN61AV), ZBook Studio G5(2YN62AV), ZHAN 99 G1-4RU51PA, ZHAN 99 G1-4RV63PA, ZHAN 99 G1-4RV64PA, ZHAN 99 G1-4RV65PA, ZHAN 99 G1-4RV66PA, ZHAN 99 G1-4RV67PA, ZHAN 99 G1-4RV68PA, ZHAN 99 G1-4RV69PA, ZHAN 99 G1-4RV70PA, ZHAN 99 G1-4RV73PA, ZHAN 99 G1-4RV74PA, ZHAN 99 G1-4RV75PA, ZHAN 99 G1-4RW37PA, ZHAN 99 G1-4RW38PA, ZHAN 99 G1-4SA53PA, ZHAN 99 G1-4SA55PA, ZHAN 99 G1-4SA56PA, ZHAN 99 G1-4SA57PA, ZHAN 99 G1-5LA33PA, ZHAN 99 G1-5LA34PA, ZHAN 99 G1-7ZU09PA, ZHAN 99 G1-7ZU18PA, ZHAN 99 G1-7ZU25PA, ZHAN 99 G1-7ZU64PA, ZHAN 99 G1-7ZX94PA, ZHAN 99 G1-7ZX95PA